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4 Conditions That May Be Helped Through Chiropractic Care

When you think of chiropractic care, pain management may come to mind. While a chiropractor often treats conditions associated with neck, back, and spinal pain, there are other medical conditions that may be helped through chiropractic care.
While you may not have thought to see a chiropractor if you have high blood pressure, gout, pregnancy pain, or sinusitis, learn more about how chiropractic care could help.
1. High Blood Pressure
You probably already know the dangers of hypertension, commonly referred to as high blood pressure. Having hypertension increases your risk of heart attack and stroke and contributes to other medical problems. While your doctor may have prescribed medication to control your high blood pressure, you might want to consider complementing that treatment with another form of therapy.
Studies show that chiropractic adjustment can lower blood pressure almost immediately. This may involve a simple adjustment of the neck or spine. A one-time procedure may be performed in the doctor's office, so consulting with your chiropractor may be an option to consider.
2. Gout
Gout is a painful condition where uric acid builds up in the bloodstream. This condition is a form of inflammatory arthritis and causes swelling, redness, and pain, most commonly in the joints of the feet and big toe. While medication and diet may improve the condition and prevent future flare-ups, this may not be enough to control your symptoms.
If you suffer from the pain and swelling of gout, it may be time to consult with a chiropractor. Did you know that your chiropractor may suggest a nutritional plan that can ease your discomfort and prevent future flare-ups of gout? In addition to nutritional counseling, your chiropractor may also provide weight loss counseling, an important aspect of managing your condition.
Chiropractic care involves more than educational counseling. Your chiropractor may also make certain adjustments that may be beneficial as well. This may help to realign the joints and relieve some of the pain associated with your condition.
Chiropractors also use heat, ice, and ultrasound treatments, which may also help relieve the pain and inflammation. With ultrasound, a small device is used to deliver electronic pulses that help improve circulation. Hot and cold treatments may be used interchangeably to bring relief.
3. Pregnancy Pain or Discomfort
During pregnancy, many women experience some discomfort of the spine and pelvic region, which may be helped through chiropractic care. If you are experiencing such discomfort during your pregnancy, ask your chiropractor about non-invasive manipulation and adjustment procedures.
In addition to relieving lower back, neck, and joint pain, you may notice other benefits from chiropractic treatment as well. For instance, you may experience fewer episodes of nausea. Some patients also have a shortened labor and delivery time. In addition, chiropractic care may reduce the risk of needing a cesarean delivery.
4. Chronic Sinusitis
Sinusitis causes nasal congestion, pressure, and facial pain. Sinusitis is often treated with decongestants. However, decongestants may cause side effects in some individuals. If you suffer from the pain and discomfort of chronic sinusitis, consider seeking alternative treatment options.
Just as a chiropractor may make spinal adjustments to relieve back pain, he or she may perform facial adjustments that may help relieve sinus pressure and pain. In turn, this treatment may help your sinus drain more efficiently and possibly prevent bacterial growth in the sinus cavity. Discuss your condition with your chiropractor and discover your options for treatment.
If you are experiencing discomfort due to any of the medical issues we discussed in this blog, make an appointment and consultation with a chiropractor today. An evaluation may suggest you can benefit from chiropractic care.